Our Schomberg Vegetable Box includes our fresh, tasty veggies and herbs; ethically produced meats and eggs; and a line-up of other delicious local food products as well as our rich compost for your garden.

We love offering our partnering restaurants’ food (authentic tortillas and taco kits from Maizal, and tasty sauces from Red Rooster), because it’s what we eat and enjoy!

Our Other Food & Gardening Products

Cavaleiro Compost

Compost brings life to your soil, which allows your plants to get big and strong, which makes you feel alive when you eat those plants.

Compost brings any garden to life. Our compost is the real deal, you can even see worms in it.

Cavaleiro compost is so good that my uncle and family friends, who all grew up on farms, come to me every spring for their fill. Good compost like this can double your plants and reduce your pest problems.

A little goes a long way. One bag is packed with enough compost for a small garden. Try one and if you need more, get more.

Maizal Corn Tortillas (6 pack)

Ontario corn transformed into traditional Mexican corn tortilla. These are made by Ivan, one of the farmers here on Cavaleiro Farm, at his tortilleria Maizal.

At home, we do a weekly taco night. These tortillas take a few seconds to heat up in a pan. Then just add your ingredients. Our standard fare at our house is some seasoned meat, baked beans, salsa, chopped onions, and lettuce. I’ve been adding kimchi and sprouts lately for that extra kick. It’s easy to pre-cut the ingredients and put them in a fridge for a dinner that takes less than a minute!

Oh, I also freeze the tortillas when I get them. They are vacuum-sealed and keep well in the freezer. And a plus: they defrost very quickly.

Maizal Taco Kit

This is an official taco kit from Maizal. The taste of Mexico in Schomberg. Everything you need to put together some legit tacos!

  • Here’s what you get in the kit:
  • 10 tortillas
  • A bag of corn chips
  • Salsa to dip those chips
  • A bunch of fresh cilantro from the farm
  • Oaxaca cheese (Mexican cheese made in Innisfil).
  • Fresh lime
  • 1lb of pre seasoned meat or veggies

Just stir fry the meat or veggie mix. The corn tortillas need a few seconds of heat on the pan. Then just put all the ingredients together for a delicious, authentic taco.

This is a pre-ordered item. It takes me a week to get it ready for you.

Red Rooster Hot Sauce

My parents’ Red Rooster hot sauce is famous. (Red Rooster is the chain of Portuguese restaurants my parents run.) People have stolen their hot sauce before, if you can imagine. Goes great on any barbecue.

Red Rooster Mediterranean Herb Mix

My mom just started putting these together for Red Rooster (my parents’ Portuguese restaurant chain), and they’ve been flying off the shelf. I got my hands on some to see if y’all are interested.

This one is good for any meat dishes. Not sure what all the spices are, but parsley and oregano definitely make an appearance. Ready to go and easy – just add it to your cooking for that Mediterranean taste.

Red Rooster Mediterranean Mix 2

Another spice kit made by my mom for Red Rooster (my parents’ Portuguese restaurant chain), using all natural spices. This one is good for sauces and meats. Ready to go and easy – just add some to your meals.

Red Rooster Salad Dressing

Famous vinaigrette salad dressing from Red Rooster (my parents’ Portuguese restaurant chain). All natural, with no actual preservatives or extras. It’s even a nice pink colour. The only work you need to do is shake it up before you use it.

Sourdough Starter Culture

Everyone is buying up flour, did you? Want to eat the classic bread that goes back to the beginning?

Sourdough. This is a culture I’ve had for a year and half. You can use it to make breads, pizza dough, or flat breads.

This is a pre-order item. Order it this week, and I’ll get it to you the following week. You can keep your starter culture alive and just keep going, or just ask me when you need more.

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