A Holistic Community Rooted in Nature: Welcome to Cavaleiro Farm

Embrace Real Local Food: Experience the Difference at Cavaleiro Farm

When most box programs, farmers market vendors, and farm gates are merely reselling you the same food found at the grocery store, we’re cultivating the finest living local food right here on our farm.

How fresh is fresh when it’s harvested from the garden in the morning and gracing your plate by the afternoon? What does a tomato truly taste like when it’s allowed to ripen fully on the vine before being picked? And how does our health benefit when we consume food rich in vital nutrients?

The industrial food system prioritizes profit over people, offering cheap, mass-produced goods that often lack flavor and nutritional value. But what happens when our connection to the land, food, and community is replaced by the aisles of a grocery store?

Reclaim your power and autonomy by joining the real local food movement. Unlike Longos, No Frills, Walmart, Costco, and others, we offer more than just convenience—we offer a return to the nourishing traditions of our grandparents, a chance to make informed choices about what nourishes our bodies, and a revitalization of community connections.

So if you’re ready for something different, if you yearn to reconnect with the wholesome practices of the past, and if you seek to reclaim control over your food choices, then join us in embracing the local food movement.

"Experience Unmatched Freshness: Straight from Our Fields to Your Plate"

Schomberg Vegetable Box. Back for our fourth season

This is the authentic way to access local food: through our Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) veggie box—the original farm-to-table experience. As CSAs have surged in popularity, so too have the imitations.

Fake boxes, like those offered by Hello Fresh or Mama Earth Organics, merely purchase the same mass-produced food found at the grocery store and package it in a local box. It may seem convenient and authentic, but in reality, it’s the same familiar fare you’d find on supermarket shelves—same ‘freshness,’ same ‘quality.’

On the other hand, genuine local food boxes—like ours and a select few others—are about cultivating and harvesting truly local produce. We work with the seasons, ensuring that each week brings a new array of fresh delights. Imagine having the best garden in town, tended by the most skilled gardener—that’s the experience you’ll find with the Cavaleiro Farm Vegetable Box. Learn more about joining our CSA today.

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