Real good farm fresh beyond organic food.

We provide training to landowners and farmers to help build more self-sufficient, profitable farms

Many people are buying farmland to give their family a simpler, healthier lifestyle. But they don’t know how to make their land more productive so they can create their dream farm.

Being a farmer these days is also a challenge. So many farmers pour a ton of money, time, and energy into their farm. Then they give up after failing to make a living.

We help landowners and farmers get clear on their goals, then provide simple steps to reach them. Through our customized training, you’ll design your dream farm, buy the right farm for you and your family, or grow a more profitable food business. And in the most practical, fastest way possible.

Want to get the farmlife experience without getting in over your head?

Build your farmlife skills and get hands-on experience without leaving your day job

So you’ve been dreaming about the farmlife but don’t have the confidence and skills just yet? Maybe you’re not ready to give up your day job until you’ve had more experience and know the farmlife is right for you.

Farmlife Academy is a 6-month program where you build your farming skills and knowledge by working alongside real farmers and exchanging learnings with other members.

Through customized coaching sessions, on-farm training, and off-farm education, you’ll gain clarity on your farmlife goals, build a tangible farming skill set, and feel more empowered to do the farmlife.

"The only way you could get it any fresher is if you picked it from your own garden."

Schomberg Vegetable Box. Back for our second season!

Veggie box is closed forever. Good luck, to anyone who still remembers what local seasonal food looks and tastes like, sorry about the loss. To anyone else, ignorance is bliss.

Don't reinvent the wheel: make food and farming easier

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HOW TO BALCONY GARDEN and Eat Fresh Every Day Webinar

Date: Thursday, April 8 (7:00 p.m. EST)

Balcony gardening made easy! 🌱 Grow your best garden ever with this FREE webinar. Balcony gardening expert Lara Mrosovsky will share her top secrets from 15 years of teaching container gardening skills to make growing in small spaces simple and stress-free.

The Farmlife Challenge: A Free 3-Day Training

Dates: Monday, April 19–Wednesday, April 21 (2:00 p.m. EST)

Have you been wanting to live the farmlife but aren’t sure if it’s really the right life for you? In this free 3-day training, you’ll get an in-depth look into what skills, mindset, and resources it takes to succeed in farmlife. You’ll build on activities we do together to uncover a clearer farmlife vision for you. Hosted by Farmer Antonio from Cavaleiro Farm.

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We believe in sharing knowledge about food and farming so you can save time and energy by avoiding trial and error. There’s just no reason to reinvent the wheel! Listen to our podcast and read our blog to learn about doing farmlife, eating more local food, and so much more.

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Real life stories, lessons learned, and must-know tips from farmers and food business owners on how to succeed in farm life. Hosted by Antonio Gomes and Janice Ho from Cavaleiro Farm.

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