The best organically veggies and fruits around. Check out our bins of organically grown produce. The different colors, textures and flavors, all coming from our garden the morning you pick them up, no fresher than that unless you had a garden and went out to eat from it.

For the 2024 season, we have our 4th season of our Community Supported Agriculture program plus we are doing a Spring Plant Sale. These are limited time events that only happen once a year, so don’t miss out on your chance to join the community.

So do you want to try the best tomatoes ever?

I recently read an article about a company attempting to bring back some of that tomato flavor to store bought tomatoes. See, they can’t let the tomato ripen on the vine because its thousands of kilometers from the plate its going to be eaten on. So what’s there plan, some chemicals or flavoring to fix that problem.. Stupid problems, make for stupid solutions.

We only grow 100 percent tomato. We have been saving our seeds for years, selecting the tastiest tomatoes that we actually eat and cherish. No coatings, no chemicals on the inside or on the outside. Our tomato is filled with life, good biology and life from the garden and healthy soil. Not only does this make a tasty tomato, but its actually good for you. This is the kind of food that becomes your medicine.

Sounds like an amazing tomato that you want to try eh?

Here is the deal though, the way we grow such an amazing tomatoes using these organic practices is by also growing out all the veggies in balance.

If you just grow a giant greenhouse of tomatoes, then you need to use lots of chemicals to keep disease and pests away. The tomatoes grown in that greenhouse have no soil, so they pump chemicals into the water to make sure the tomatoes grow. No life in these production systems, just anti life chemicals, compounds and systems.

So back to our farm, we have these amazing tomatoes because we grow all the other veggies in balanced crop rotations, managing the fertility of our soils, using integrated pest management, we encourage all life to grow in the garden and keep the pest problems down to manageable.

If you want to learn more about how to access 100% vegetables and fruits filled with life, learn more about our Community Supported Agriculture program.

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Feeling a little overwhelmed with all this local and organic food?

In southern Ontario, we live in the heart of the industrial food beast. Decades have eroded our local food system to the point of where it almost doesn’t exist. Our landscape is dotted with the industrial food supermarkets, they are everywhere, surely if it was so bad we would have other options??

I think we are all becoming more conscious of how un healthy our lifestyles are in this industrial environment. So we put together a 3 part video series for you called Healthy Food Lab King Township where we share everything we have learned about local seasonal eating. For anyone who has no idea on how food is grown, how food gets into the grocery store, etc. You don’t want to miss the videos of our best.

Let me tell you about our amazing organic plant starts.

I often find myself bewildered by the lack of scrutiny on conventional plants and the food grown using toxic chemicals. It’s astonishing that the companies producing these poisons don’t have to prove their food is safe to eat. Meanwhile, as an organic farmer, I undergo rigorous certification processes to ensure the safety and quality of my produce.

Our organic plant starts offer several key advantages over what you’ll typically find at garden centers.

Firstly, our varieties have been carefully selected by us farmers. We meticulously save and grow our own seeds, resulting in the tastiest veggies developed specifically for our region. When you plant our starts in your garden, you’re not getting just any plant — you’re getting an extraordinary one.

Secondly, our plants are coated with beneficial microorganisms. This is the hidden treasure of plants. Unlike conventional plants that have been fed chemicals to grow, our plants teem with life as nature intended. When you introduce our plants to your soil, this life spreads throughout your garden, enriching it in ways chemicals never could.

Discover more about our plant sale and why organic plant starts are the perfect way to kickstart your organic garden at home.