Welcome to the farm. Stay awhile and explore.

We're more than just about growing food

Cavaleiro Farm is a 65-acre, agroecological farm located in Schomberg, Ontario, about 1 hour from downtown Toronto (see Google Maps).

We sell vegetables, lambs, and eggs to local families. But we don’t just grow food. We also work with other farmers on our land and on other farms to help grow their food businesses.

The real opportunity though is to help all the new people who are buying land but have no experience building a farm. Local farms are great for the environment, but there’s not enough of them.

So we’ve found a way to build these local farms in the right and fastest way. Now we’re sharing our process with landowners and farmers.

Take the farm tour

This video soars over our farm landscape and brings you face to face with the farm community (including the animals!). You’ll also hear from Farmer Antonio about why he went from building robotics for brain surgery to doing local food and farming.

(Urban Crops is the umbrella company of Cavaleiro Farm.)

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Meet Farmer Antonio

“Eight years ago, I couldn’t have been further from farm life. I was a jet-set urbanite living in Toronto and building race cars before local food took me on this journey that connected me to food, culture, and unimaginable possibilities.

I’m privileged to have had the support, space, and opportunity to run a 65-acre farm. My parents Dina and Jose invested in the farm in 2014 when we bought the property off the Courtney family, who had always managed an organic operation.

Today, I am busy maestroing this dance between myself, our farm members, animals, plants, soil, and water. It’s been rewarding to see greater systems and progress over time, and be able to produce more food with less work.

Abundance. Care of people. Care of planet. That’s what this is about for me.”

– Antonio Gomes (Farm Maestro, Cavaleiro Farm / CEO, Urban Crops)

Our animals and crops

We raise a flock of sheep and lambs, both for meat and managing our land. We also breed ducks, chicken, and turkey. Our feathery friends also work the land and provide us with the tastiest chicken and duck eggs.

Our donkey (Jay) and Great Pyrenees dogs (Olive and Clyde) help guard the flock and farm. And our cat Spot rounds out the farm animal family!

We grow a variety of fresh, tasty vegetables that our customers say is better than what they find at the grocery store. That includes kale, spinach, carrots, swiss chard, beets, radishes, and more. See our full list of veggies and herbs here.

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The farm's landscape

Our farm’s bright, open landscape is marked by rolling hills, open pastures and woodlots with mature oaks and maple trees over 100 years old. Various springs provide supply to two large ponds and solar exposure is excellent across the property.

A rich sandy loom soil runs throughout the farm, along with areas that have more clay and sand. The topographic conditions, along with varying water and soil conditions, create a range of diverse growing environments.

A barn and bird house keep our animals safe at night. And we’ve put up infrastructure to foster community, like our farmer’s trailer, a tiny cabin, outdoor kitchen, and compost outhouse. Plus, our new greenhouses and root cellar mean we have fresh, healthy vegetables year-round.

We’re grateful to call this beautiful land our home.