Antonio Gomes (Chief Executive Officer)

Antonio is the CEO of Urban Crops (the farm’s umbrella company) and Manager and Farmer at Cavaleiro Farm. After working in several careers – including engineering and photography – Antonio started Cavaleiro Farm in 2014 to not only live more sustainably, but also to figure out how we as a society could build more regenerative local farms.

Since then, he has developed the Community Farming System, online courses, and training services to help landowners and farmers build more self-sufficient, productive, and profitable farms.

As the CEO of Urban Crops, Antonio is the visionary and idea generator. He also provides customized coaching to clients and is an engaging speaker who shares his experience and knowledge with those interested in the farmlife through online trainings, workshops, conferences, and our podcast. Antonio is also the President of his local National Farmers Union chapter.

As Cavaleiro Farm’s Maestro and Head Farmer, Antonio builds systems and designs the farm; runs the day-to-day operations; and provides fresh, local produce to his community members through the Schomberg Vegetable Box.

When he’s not hard at work on the farm, Antonio enjoys going for walks, reading, eating foods from different countries, and hanging out with his son.

Janice Ho (Chief Operating Officer)

Janice is the COO of Urban Crops and Community Coordinator at Cavaleiro Farm. After working as a researcher in the criminal justice field for 8 years, Janice left the city and her career to live more of her life in nature and pursue work as a freelance editor, writer, researcher, and marketing/communications consultant. Since then, she has both lived on the farm and worked abroad.

As the COO of Urban Crops, Janice is the planner and idea executor. In addition to co-developing the business’ strategic plan and marketing strategy, she also manages client projects, coordinates our marketing and communication activities, and develops our website and other communications products. She also co-hosts The Hello Farmlife Podcast with Farmer Antonio.

As Cavaleiro Farm’s Community Coordinator, Janice facilitates engagement activities for the farm’s Business Members. She also co-develops the marketing strategy and communications products for the farm’s Schomberg Vegetable Box program.

Janice is also a singer-songwriter, avid backcountry camper, and is penning her first book.

Romano Keon Thompson (Farmer)

Romano Keon Thompson (“Keon”) is the lead vegetable farmer at Cavaleiro Farm and instrumental in the expansion of our Schomberg Vegetable Box program. He co-develops the farm’s crop plan and manages our gardens throughout the season. Keon also takes care of the farm animals and assists with other farm tasks.

Keon is a professional farmer from St. Vincent with a certificate in Agricultural Studies. He has been working on his dad’s farm for most of his life, growing vegetables on a commercial scale.

Along with his partner Shannon Williams, Keon has recently started his own seedling nursery business, Gifted Hands Nursery, which provides seedlings to other gardeners and farmers to grow their own veggies.

When Keon isn’t farming, he enjoys relaxing at home with a good movie.

Donna Ocmeja (Digital Marketing Specialist)

Donna is the Digital Marketing Specialist for Urban Crops. She manages our social media channels, creates content, engages with our audiences, and runs our digital advertising campaigns. She also supports the team in administrative work such as publishing website content, communicating with our Schomberg Vegetable Box members, and managing our online farm store.

Before joining the Urban Crops team, Donna worked for an international NGO that provides scholarships to youths from poverty-stricken communities in the Philippines. She also worked with a local newspaper as a marketing news reporter.

Donna, who has a Master’s Degree in Development Communication, is a regular volunteer for a few local NGOs in the Philippines.

Growing up in the countryside of the province of Bohol, Philippines, Donna is well exposed to farming life, the Southeast Asian way. Currently, Donna is involved in the small-scale farming activities of their family. She also enjoys volleyball, street photography, reading books, cooking, and traveling!

Donna Ocmeja - Cavaleiro Farm

Dexter Charles (Chief Editor / Researcher)

Dexter is the lead editor and researcher for Urban Crops. He handles our video and audio editing for The Hello Farmlife Podcast, our online trainings, and marketing and communications products. Dexter also conducts target audience research on the needs and challenges of new farmers to inform our services and marketing strategy.

Dexter is also employed with Xraycommunications (a communications consulting and management company) as a personal assistant, accountant, project manager, and supervisor. Through his work, Dexter has helped the company take on more projects and deliver great results on time, as well as train all new employees and enhance their work experience in order to open doors to future opportunities.

Dexter also works alongside different contractors as an apprentice, performing a range of activities from book keeping, human resource management, construction estimates, electrician work, wood work etc.

Dexter is a hobbyist farmer who spends most of his free time growing the food he eats. Dexter says: “Farming is like therapy to me. It helps me stay positive, especially now in the troubled times.” He is also interested in becoming an investor in both stocks and real estate. And as a self-proclaimed “adrenaline junkie,” he often explores the coastlines.