No more eggs and meat. We are closed to the public. No visitors. Wow, good luck to everyone who eats. Clip those coupons.

Our Ethically Grown Meats & Eggs


The factory farming way of raising animals and producing meat is certainly bad for the animals, the land, and the people. However, when properly managed, would you believe that livestock on a farm is critical for the health of the land and quality of the meat? It’s also a better life for the animals.

On Cavaleiro Farm, the sheep are very important, and we grow them organically. They keep the grass down; increase the diversity of plants growing; and add to the biology of the soil, which means cleaner water, more carbon in the ground, and more topsoil over time. The sheep are building a better farm over time. Their poop is also the main ingredient in our organic compost, which grows you such tasty and healthy vegetables.

Mixed Farm Eggs

Our eggs are something else that you will never taste..

NO More eggs for sale. Don’t call or visit.

This is a mixed pack of chicken eggs and some duck eggs. Different colours and sizes. Can you tell which one is which?

At the supermarket, you just get to pick from brown and white eggs. Our eggs have different colours. At the grocery store, you can pick from free range, omega, cage free, organic, etc. Our chickens go out and do chicken stuff all day, every day. They get a varied diet and lots of space. The eggs at the grocery store need incubators, specific feed, and are overall dependent on a system of large-scale agriculture. Our chickens hatch their own chicks and take care of them. The same way we’ve been living with chickens for thousands of years.

Every dozen eggs you buy from our farm is an investment into a more resilient and fun way to live with chickens. A win-win. Our chickens are the Chantecler, the only Canadian breed of chicken. Check out more at

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