Chantecler Breed

Only Canadian breed of chicken and endangered. We are preserving this hardy, reliable chicken.

Natural Hatching

Industrial agriculture has put their hands in the natural cycle of hatching. We select and manage the chickens to hatch their own chicks.

Chickens are Great Workers

We manage the chickens so they can express there natural abilities to eat bugs, scratch around all day and leave fertilizer. Chickens are happy and we are happy because they worked for us.

Chickens & Ducks are Fun

All the birds are a great addition to the farm. They add lots of life, fun to watch and they are very social, if you don’t chase them.

Chickens and Ducks on Cavaleiro Farm

About this Project

We had a chicken and duck business incubate on Cavaleiro for almost 2 years. The business moved onto better pastures but we decided to continue with chickens and ducks.

Our goal with the Chantecler chicken is to breed them so they raise chicks naturally without us needing to incubate eggs. It’s an endangered Canadian breed, so we want to do our part to promote this breed. Why? They are tough, hardy chickens that have the most potential to be a low cost chicken for a farm. They provide meat and eggs, while also all the benefiting the farm ecosystem.

Our goal with the ducks is to breed a duck that gives us a nice big egg. There is a growing market for salted eggs, and aged eggs. We make a nice one and the ducks also benefit the farm ecosystem.

Start a Local Food Business

Learn From Nature

Learn from the animals, they tell us everything we need to know to manage them.

Fulfilling Lives

When animals get to live a life that allows them to express their natural behaviors and lifestyles, well, wouldn’t that be nicer?

What's Everything?

In exchange for some grain and care, we get chickens, ducks, eggs, less pests, prepared beds for planting, fertilizer and other services.


Domesticated animals depend on people. They are not bad, just how we manage them. They are part of our food systems.

Services Birds Provide