The Business Membership at Cavaleiro Farm gives local food businesses access to the land, services, and tools they need to grow food, build their network, and expand their farming knowledge and skills.

Accessing farmland is currently an impossibility for many, given the sky-high costs for land. We’ve built our members community around a barter system: opportunities for members to exchange their services and skills means that members’ fees are affordable and won’t get in the way of achieving their farming and business goals.

Plus, being connected to a supportive, knowledgeable community means they’re never doing the farmlife journey alone.

Business Membership Criteria

Our members’ business ventures span from growing local food for their restaurant or community to raising animals, to leading corporate events around nutrition and cooking.

There are many ways members can get involved, but they do share some common threads. Our members:

• Are life-long learners
• Are foodies (whether it’s a love for cooking, sharing food, or learning about food culture)
• Have skills valued by our community
• Have a history of success in farming/business
• Share similar values: diversity, community, hard work, learning, etc.
• Are committed to a long-term contribution to the farm community
• Have at least two seasons of working on a farm under their belt

What Business Members Get

Part of the membership cost can be exchanged through services rendered. Our goal is to make it possible for farmers and growers to access rich agricultural land to build a business they can call their own.

A Snapshot of Our Business Members

Interested in Joining Us?

Does our Business Membership sound right for you? We have a limited number of spots in our membership, but are open to receiving new applications from enthusiastic folks who are aligned with our interests and criteria. Send me an email at [email protected] and tell me about:

• Your farming and business goals
• What’s important to you about food or farms
• Your previous experience working on a farm
• Why you’re interested in joining the Cavaleiro Farm Business Members community
• The types of skills you can contribute to the community
• Anything else about yourself that we should know!

We look forward to hearing from you!