What We Offer

Organic Food

Fresh, tasty, and right from the farm

Vegetables, lambs, chickens and eggs is what we grow to sell. We also grow fruits, mushrooms, and herbs that our community can access year-round. Our goal is to grow plants that work with our climate and conditions efficiently — and are tasty and nutritious, too! 

Farm Life

Immerse yourself in nature

So you’ve always wondered: How is that grown? You want to get your hands in the soil and face in the sun? Come experience the farm life through farm tours, workdays or a visitor’s pass!


Farm and nature-inspired tech

We use the latest science to work with nature, build soil, and create mobile technology that connects you to your food. Visit our parent company Urban Crops to learn more about our plug ‘n play approach to farming.


Mentorship, community, and learning

Our community of local businesses, interns, and other farm members have benefitted from accessing our land, resources, and each others’ services. We’ve developed tools that help us collaborate, improve operations, and meet our goals.