The Solar Bucket is a portable, solar-powered unit you can use for a variety of farm and gardening tasks. Better results, less work.

Get solar-powered technology for your farm or garden. The Solar Bucket is the perfect way to learn about renewable energy. It’s simple to work with, and easy to troubleshoot. Plug in different tools that help with watering, lighting, and more.

We’ve learned so much about growing food more sustainably with the Solar Bucket, that we’re sure you’ll also make huge strides in going solar with this tool. In just a few months, you could even save thousands of dollars on larger systems!

Featured Case Studies

The Cheapest Way to Pump Water 500 Feet

The Solar Bucket was born out of necessity—when Farmer Antonio needed a solution for pumping water out to his garden, while hundreds of feet away from the nearest electricity outlet.

He was able to string together all of his extension cords to run an electric pump to the edge of the garden. But that was as far as it would go, and it was a pain running electrical cords that quickly got lost in the garden.

So he tried making his first solar water pump, and it worked! After a few weeks of using it, he had a reliable, portable water pump and his plants were happy. He could collect rainwater in tanks or pump water from a well. His pump also ran sprinklers and drip irrigation.

The Solar Bucket has become a great, cost-effective way to pump water for your gardening or livestock needs, even when your water source is a long distance away. Get the Water Pump attachment in our Shop here.

Keeping Animals In (Or Out)!

Our Solar Bucket is simple, reliable, and rugged enough to be out in the field. This has proved useful for pairing it with our electric fencing unit, giving us an easy set-up for grazing sheep out in pasture.

The Solar Bucket is portable and lightweight enough to carry far afield. From anywhere on our 65-acre farm, we can charge our electric fencing with the Solar Bucket to keep our sometimes rambunctious herd of sheep nibbling right where we want them.

On that note, our portable fencing unit has also kept animals out of areas—like our gardens! This has saved our farmers an immense loss of crops (and heartache).

One season, our farm member from Maizal lost a significant portion of his corn when raccoons ravaged his plot overnight. Never again. The following year, fencing was set up and his harvest was protected.

We have continued to find more and more applications for the Solar Bucket as new challenges pop up, as they often do in farm life!

Industry Experience

We had challenges as organic farmers, this is what we figured out. We think it can help a lot of other farmers and gardeners.

Great Team

We were engineers in past lives before farming. We have used our local contacts to get us a great deal on parts and manufacturing.

Designed for Re-use

We want to make it easy to replace any part that breaks (recycling or repairing as needed). You could be using one of these in twenty years.

Multiple Tools

Water pumps, electric energizers, worklights and regular light bulbs. Plus more to come.

Become Independent

Renewable distributed energy is the way forward. Bring energy resilience to your food growing.

Why Work With the Solar Bucket?

5 Values of the Solar Bucket

Because we are there with you in the hot sun or cold morning. Because we think technologies that match the principles of organic growing and permaculture are important and needed. Because food sovereignty also needs energy sovereignty, and we are having fun learning how to accomplish both. Because together we can make the Solar Bucket more affordable, reliable, and useful for growing food and saving the farmer time.

Here's How It Works

  • 1. Choose a Solar Bucket

    Select from two kits. One comes pre-built, the other you assemble yourself.

  • 2. Add On Tools

    We are proud to offer our Frog Water Pump, but you can also plug in any 12VDC tools into your Solar Bucket.

  • 3. We Ship to You

    We get your order together and strap it to our donkey Jay. He caries your package 6 km into town to the post office. Once it leaves there, it goes through various hubs to reach you. We’ll provide you with a tracking number for your peace of mind.

  • 4. Set It Up

    Your Solar Bucket has arrived! You’ll have just a few parts to put together. Use our guides. Enjoy your first encounters with the battery, solar panel, and charge controllers.

  • 5. Try New Things

    Find trouble-shooting guides, case studies, and support for your farming needs. It’s not just about the tool, but it’s also about how we use it. We’ll learn together over time!

  • 6. Let Us Know How Your Garden Grows

    Send us your feedback. Share with friends. We’d love to be part of your journey going solar to grow more food with less work!

Solar power your farm or garden, and grow more food with less work!