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A Dozen Eggs: Cavaleiro Farm Mixer Pack


A mixed pack of naturally raised and pastured chicken, duck and turkey eggs.

All of our animals are hormone free (other than those they naturally produce I mean), are allowed to pasture over the 65 acres and are loved and cared for.  No Doubt.


Farm Tour

$15.00 $12.00

Visit the Farm and get a personalized tour of the operation. The tour takes 2 hours and over that period we learn about each others food history, the cultural connections with food and how that ties into the environment. Participants get a glimpse into farm life on Cavaleiro plus our farm gets to learn about your relationship with food.

Farmer Workday


For those of you who like to feel it with your body, as close as you can get to your food. Experience what it is like to be an ecological farmer, test your physical, mental and spiritual abilities. The farmer workday connects you to food from the inside out.


Water Pump


Our super useful solar energy kit (panel wired to carryable power storage battery) paried with a durable and dependable water pump!