Health Food Lab King Township

Are you interested in local food eating? Then you don’t want to miss the healthy food lab series which is packed with useful tips and insights into seasonal local eating. Seasonal local eating is the ultimate for taste, health and fun.

Is dong a CSA program worth it for farmers

The Hello Farmlife Podcast

Listen to our podcast, the show where you learn how to live the farm life and build a self-sufficient, profitable farm. You’ll hear real life stories, lessons learned, and must-know tips from farmers and food business owners on how to succeed in farm life. Hosted by Antonio Gomes and Janice Ho from Cavaleiro Farm.

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Check out our collection of free online guides, ebooks, and checklists! You’ll learn some of our best tips and lessons learned about buying land, farming, gardening, using solar energy, and more.

Is dong a CSA program worth it for farmers

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Learn more about food, farming, and how Cavaleiro Farm is innovating in our field through the knowledge and experience we’ve shared on the radio, in press, and various speaking engagements.


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