Sheep Walk


A One-Day Shepherding Experience

Come immerse yourself in the life of shepherding for a day! Sheep Walk will have you bringing the sheep out to graze, caring for their home, and learning what it means to be a shepherd leading their flock. An overnight option can be arranged—read more below.


What is the shepherding experience? It’s an opportunity to become a shepherd for a day (or a few). Understanding the relationship between people and these domesticated animals can lead to a new appreciation that will be informed by learning how the sheep shape which plants grow where.

Sheep Walk is about keeping it simple and reconnecting. It’s about standing on the rolling hills with our herd of sheep, protecting the flock, and keeping those curious grazers out of trouble! Learn about breeding and start to see how one generation affects the next. Best of all, experience it all outdoors and have fun!

You’ll be connected to a range of experiences that will open doors to your imagination. Watch the lambs jump and play, and run with the flock as they return to their home. Maybe even think of a new career as a shepherd, a unique tradition in farming that has a history of being exclusive, for the shepherds always have money in their pocket and an eye on what’s happening in the community.

One-day Sheep Walk experience:

Join us for the day to learn about shepherding. Get to work alongside head shepherd Antonio as you help set up grazing areas for the sheep and make sure their home is up code. Activities depend on the time of year. From lamb feeding to camp set-up, the sheep are always on the move, and unique opportunities happen throughout the season.

Overnight option:

If you’d like to get the full shepherding experience, just let us know at [email protected]!

After your day with the sheep, your job isn’t over. At night is when they face the risk of predators. In the warmer months we try and leave the sheep out in pasture with our two security guards (Great Pyrenees dogs), Clyde and Olive. It’s part of what goes into making organic lambs, and you will play a critical role in keeping them safe. Camp out under the stars, a stone’s throw away from the flock. Be awakened by the sun and the sounds of lambs feeding in the morning.

If you really want to understand what it takes to shepherd, try staying longer. While there is always something new to learn with the sheep, within four days you could have the skills to run the whole operation yourself! (Don’t worry, staff will always be on hand to assist.)

Who you’ll be working with:

I’m Antonio, head shepherd and founder of Sheeplife, which runs the sheep project on Cavaleiro Farm. I’ve received help from my mentor Jacinto and other Cavaleiro Farm staff in setting up my Sheeplife business. And I can’t forget to give credit to our two sheep protection dogs, Clyde and Olive, and Jay the guardian donkey.

We started the business in 2015 as a way to improve our pastures on the farm, and thus contribute to a healthier ecosystem. But since then, the sheep and shepherding experience have given me much more than I expected. There is a long line of culture and tradition that comes from these majestic animals, and that is why we started Sheep Walk, the shepherding experience.

Sheeplife’s mission is to produce organic lambs that reflect the needs of different communities within the Greater Toronto Area. While doing this, we want to raise awareness about the traditions of shepherding, and the potential for sheep to one day roam the countryside again and improve the quality of pastures.


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