We Grow Food

Vegetables, lambs, chickens and eggs is what we grow to sell. Additionally,we grow fruits, mushrooms and herbs that our community can access year round. Our goal, grow plants that work with our climate and conditions efficiently. Great taste and nutrition too.

Kale, onions, chard, salad and much more

Farm Events & Training

How is that grown? I want to get my hands in the soil, and face in the sun. Lets celebrate harvest or the winter. Farm tours and workdays. Over the last 4 years we have had a number of on farm events that bring you closer to food.


Ecological Scale

Sometimes its technology from 60 years ago that works best and other times its the latest in technology. We also get real at Cavaleiro, you can’t beat the old genetics of plants and animals. That’s why we work so hard on preserving seeds and breads.

Working out a strategy towards a set up sheeplife system on Cavaleiro Farm

Local Food Tools

Best practices and guides

Our community of businesses have learned a lot about starting and running local food business. We’ve developed tools that helps us collaborate, improve operations and meet our goals.

Cavaleiro Farm

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