Internship Program


Get outside, and your hands into it. Practical opportunity to apply what you learned in the class room. Bringing skills, theory and tools together for practically running a local ecological farm.

Our classroom is a 65 acre farm outside Toronto. Together on this farm, different local food businesses work together to grow.

Have you been interested in the local food movement but not sure where to start?

Are you interested in getting practical hands in the ground experience and learn where your food comes from?

Want to experience a more sustainable lifestyle and meet others in the community?

You wish you could start your own farm but don’t have the capital or know where to start?

Member Days

Monthly meetups with the farm members where we do a group training.

CRAFT Farm Days

As part of the CRAFT learning network, we make monthly visits to other farms in Southern Ontario

Run your own project

We thrive when we are invested in our learning. Use the tools on the farm to start and complete a project.

Holistic Farming

Work with nature means having all the parts and relationships. Our farm has animals, plants, insects..

Local Farm Business

See what it takes to run a local food business.

A great walk starts with first steps. Cavaleiro Internship program offers you a full immersion of the farm life

What can change with an internship on Cavaleiro?

  • Access to prime agricultural land and exposure to what it takes to manage
  • Experience on plant care, working with animals, observation, compost making and resources to continue to learn
  • Feedback and support executing your farm project
  • A road-map of topics, case studies that you can continue to explore after the internship
  • Connections to community



Practical Learning

Learn Praxis – Putting together theory, action and reflection

Work on Your Project

Use our farm tools to plan, implement and ope-rationalize a project


Rural living. Connecting to nature through our food. You will experience what it takes.


Meet farm members and other CRAFT farm interns


Learning is fun when its in you.

Food & Shelter

We make it easy to learn. Food and shelter is provided.




For this price you’ll get:

  • Food and Accommodations
  • 1 on 1 learning
  • community of others learners
  • resources, and tools for future action
  • an opportunity to shine


A monthly stipend. There isn’t anything to buy on the farm, so the stipend goes a long way.

  • permaculture
  • sharing food and conversation
  • collective experiences and knowledge

Fill out an Application for an Internship @Cavaleiro

Contact us:

+ 01 (647)299 3090

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