We have been honoured to share our knowledge and experience on food and farming on the radio, in press, and various speaking engagements (workshops, conferences, etc.). To work with us, please email Antonio at [email protected].

“KISS THE GROUND” Film Discussion – Heal the Soil, Save the Planet? (EcoFair Toronto)

Panelists Antonio Gomes (Cavaleiro Farm) and Sally Miller (Fair Finance Fund) discuss the realities of regenerative farming, some of the challenges awaiting new farmers committed to healing their soil, and some exciting initiatives that could make the process easier. Watch the video here.

“Farming and Local Food” (Career Buzz, CIUT-FM Radio)

Antonio Gomes (Cavaleiro Farm) and Ivan Wadgymar (Maizal) dive deep into farming and food on the show Career Buzz on CIUT-FM Radio.

Check out the interview to learn about restaurants, farming, zero food waste, how to get into local food, and more.

“Cavaleiro Farm ushers in a new era of cooperative farming” (King Weekly Sentinel)

By Mark Pavilons

Our entire species is rooted in living off the land, and we can thank our forefathers for creating sustainable agricultural practices.

You’d be hard-pressed to find a truly natural farm operation, but public interest has generated a place for the ecological farm.
And such as a place exists in King Township.

Cavaleiro Farm is the brainchild of Urban Crops, an organization that brings together individuals and communities with a single motivation – to be the future of food production. While it sounds like a lofty goal, it’s really quite simple.

Individual and business members of this co-op style operation take a hands-on approach to growing food and animals, “cultivating minds” and thriving in a symbiotic, holistic relationship.

Led by Antonio Gomes, CEO of Urban Crops and manager of the farm on the 18th Sideroad, Cavaleiro Farm occupies its own niche. It follows the multi-farm Community-Supported Agriculture (CSA) model, a locally based economical model of agriculture and food distribution. Smaller farms that are closer to local markets and offer a wide variety of products, are taking on a life of their own.

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