We love sharing about the experiences, knowledge, and lessons learned from our years of working in food and farming. Please enjoy these free resources, and look out for more resources in the future.

Buying Farmland Checklist

Learn how to visit farms for sale like a pro with our free Buying Farmland Checklist. This comprehensive checklist guides you through: how to prepare for each farm visit; what to bring when you visit a farm; what to observe on each farm, and which questions to ask; and how to evaluate the farms you’ve seen post-visit.

With this easy-to-follow checklist, you’ll feel more confident as you go out to see farmland for sale, and you’ll know how to choose the perfect farm for you and your family.

Get our FREE Buying Farmland Checklist here.

The Ultimate Guide to Buying Farmland

All farms are not the same. Know which is the right one for you. In this free guide, learn the top 10 factors you need to consider when buying farmland, plus the key action steps to take for each.

We cover everything from the farm landscape, soil quality, types of trees and plants, water availability, building infrastructure, and much more.

Get our FREE The Ultimate Guide to Buying Farmland here. With this guide, you’ll know how to look for quality land, buy a farm that aligns with your unique goals, and make the right property investment that will create ongoing value for you over the years.

Gardening in Ontario Guide

Read one of our most popular blog posts, our “Gardening in Ontario Guide.” It’s full of our best tips and resources on how to garden and grow food!

Read the Gardening in Ontario Guide here.

5 Steps to Going Local with Your Food Checklist

Lots of people want to eat more fresh, local food to feel healthier and support their local farmers. But transitioning to local food can take a bit of time and know-how!

With our free 5 Steps to Going Local with Your Food Checklist, you’ll learn some easy, pro tips on how to start your local food journey,  including how to cook and eat local food and make it a sustainable practice over time.

Get our FREE 5 Steps to Going Local with Your Food Checklist here. With some friendly guidance on your local food journey, you’ll be well on your way to taking more control of your food and eating more fresh and healthy!

13 Ways to Convert Solar Energy to More Food

Learn how to use the most abundant source of energy on our planet to grow more food with this free ebook!

With the 13 Ways to Convert Solar Energy to More Food ebook, you’ll learn how to work with your soil, plants, water, and infrastructure in a way that leverages the power of the sun so you can farm and grow more food more efficiently.

Get our FREE 13 Ways to Convert Solar Energy to More Food ebook here, and get 13 steps closer to living and working more efficiently and sustainably in your garden or farm! 

Solar Masterclass Cheat Sheet

Transitioning to using solar energy can be confusing and expensive. But with this handy cheat sheet, you’ll learn what to look out for when designing and building your solar energy systems.

Get our FREE Solar Masterclass Cheat Sheet here and learn our top 3 secrets to going solar, so you can make your going-solar journey easier and more cost-effective.