An Opportunity for Innovation

Urban Crops started in backyards and community gardens in Toronto before moving to the 65 acres of Cavaleiro Farm. 65 acres is a lot of backyards, so we needed an approach to managing Cavaleiro that was a little different.

We couldn’t completely scale our methods so we decided to just add more farmers. More farmers could effectively and intensely use Cavaleiro Farm. More over, more farmers using the same resources brings down our costs.

Introducing Cavaleiro Business Memberships which allow you to access the farm to grow out your local food business. Join other local food business as we figure out how to fix our food system and make our communities healthy again.

Our experience

From concept to reality. Building a business takes a lot of trying and learning. Continual improvement and systems building, so that you can deliver an excellent value to your customers.

Sustainable Farming Technologies - 8 years
Local Food Business Consulting - 6 years
Collaborative Peer to peer training - 3 years

Benefits of Membership

  • Access to Monthly Member Days where we use group learning to connect with nature and culture in order to develop food sovereignty. We grow as individuals and as entrepreneurs

  • Access to farm services such as land, tools, expertise, and resources. As a member you can offer your services or products to other members as well as trade your time for resources.

  • Collective power. We group buy, get unique access to services and provide a network of relationships.

  • Free access to workdays on the farm where we practically apply the latest in sustainable farming practices, green business and community building practices. Hands in the soil, collective problem solving and practical experiences.

Farm Businesses

Happy Clients
Successful Cases


Ambitious ideas & brilliant implementation, this is not your regular business incubator. Join a group of grassroots local entrepreneurs who work together to build a local food system around Toronto.
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