Closing the Loop

Compost takes materials that are ‘waste’ and combines them into something great.

Natural Fertilizer

Nature works. All our workers poop and when they do they leave a gift for soil to build on.

Too Much of a Good Thing?

Finished compost is safe to handle. Spills help other plants and its difficult to over due it. To bad the same can’t be said about chemicals.

Low Temperature Compost

Commercial composts run very hot. So hot all the beneficial bacteria & fungi die. We run ours just right so the end product is filled with the life your soil needs.

Compost on Cavaleiro Farm

Living Compost for Living Food

Cavaleiro compost is filled with life that helps grow strong plants through the soil. Its one of the most important processes on an ecological farm and in your backyard.

Compost is like a wine. What you put in, when it was made, all these things impact the compost. Our earthly blends are a mixture of sheep, chickens, ducks, pigs, mixed with hay, bedding and wood-chips. We add green manure plants, compost teas and other beneficial inoculates. Chickens & ducks actively work the compost piles throughout the year.

The best compost you can get is the one you make yourself. Our goal is to share in all the compost fun we have learned and help others discover all the tricks of amazing compost.

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A teaspoon of Compost

Is filled with billions of microbes. Microbes that are ready to interact with your plants and provide them with what they need to thrive.

Activate Your Soil with Life

Microbes and fungi can move into your soil and start to multiply. As long as plants keep making sugars for the soil, those microbes will give the plants everything they need.

Fuel for Growth

Compost is your best tool for fueling the growth of your food. If you want big harvests then you need to some fuel. That comes from your soil, and compost is one of the best ways to feed the soil.


Safe for the environment and its made from ‘waste’ materials. On our farm we take wood chips, sheep poop, straw and microbes to make a valuable compost that we can use to grow strong plants.

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Living Compost