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Harjeet Brar

From a Master’s in Forestry, Harjeet spent his internship working with trees and the sheep. Together, these important farm systems are part of a sustainable approach to managing land and producing food. Also, Harjeet can stack bales of hay like no one else.

Janice Ho

Janice spent over 7 months on the farm learning all about herding sheep and lambing. She holds the record for sleeping outside under the stars. Just ask the sheep, they totally loved her.

René is the co-founder of Make It Natural and Skillseed, works with native and naturalized plants, and tends to his own farm close by. He’s helped us build our cob oven, and contributes his knowledge on herbs and intentional communities.

Antonio Gomes

Antonio lovingly grows his Sheeplife business at Cavaleiro. He offers the community his knowledge in local food systems design and developing technologies that local food businesses can use to connect people to their food.

Janice Ho

When you don’t find Janice in the backcountry or on a farm, look for her to be flexing her creative muscles as a website writer/editor and social media maven. Part of Janice’s spiritual work finds her on Cavaleiro Farm.

Nivaldo Do Alamo

Zeitgeist from the start, Nivaldo continuous his journey to sovereignty through his aquaponic greenhouse business and self-made tiny home on Cavaleiro Farm.

Ivan Wadgymar

Ivan is co-owner of Maizal, a restaurant committed to zero waste principles and farm-to-table fare. Ivan grows corn at Cavaleiro, processes it, and turns them into authentic, delicious tortillas.

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