Ambitious ideas and brilliant implementation—this is not your regular business incubator.

Business Membership

The Business Membership at Cavaleiro Farm is an exciting opportunity for local businesses to access the land, services, and tools they need to achieve their growing and green business goals.

Opportunities for members to exchange their services and skills means that membership fees are affordable, and won’t get in the way of focusing on the important work at hand.

And being connected to a supportive, knowledgeable community means that you’re never in it alone.

Focused. Passionate. Always learning. Always growing. That's us. What about you?

Are You Our Next Business Member?

Members’ business ventures span from growing local food to raising animals, to leading community engagement around health and cooking.

There are many ways you can get involved, but Business Members do share some common threads. Does this sound like you? You:

• Have experience operating a local food business

• Are aligned with permaculture and agroecological growing

• Have worked on a farm previously for at least a season

• Are interested in community and social enterprise

• Are highly independent and a learner

If so, you could be a great fit for the Cavaleiro Farm members community!

We help you move from concept to reality. We know building a business takes a lot of learning, continual improvement, and systems building—all so you can deliver an excellent value to your customers.

A Snapshot of Our Business Members

What a Membership Gives You

  • Access to farm services: We make prime agricultural land, equipment, storage, tools, and expertise available, so that you have the right resources to grow your business.

  • Service exchange: Our system of exchanging services or products between members, as well as exchanging a percentage of your membership costs, means that fees stay affordable and don’t have to get in the way of achieving your goals.

  • Access to monthly Member Days: You will participate in group learning to connect with nature and culture in order to develop food sovereignty. You will grow both as an individual and an entrepreneur.

  • Access to Farm Workdays: You will apply the latest in sustainable farming practices, green business, and community-building practices. We’re talking hands in the soil, collective problem-solving, and practical experiences.

  • Project mentorship: Four project meetings a year to assess your progress against your metrics will keep you on track towards your goals.

  • Collective power: You’ll get unique access to services and group buys, and be included in a network of supportive relationships.

  • Tiny home opportunity: If your business operates out of the farm, what better way to stay close to your enterprise than building your own tiny home at Cavaleiro Farm?

The investment to receive all the benefits of a Business Membership is only $100/month, with the opportunity to exchange part of your membership cost through services rendered. Our goal is to make it possible for farmers and growers to access rich agricultural land to build a business they can call their own.

Antonio (and rooster!) using the Solar Bucket to replenish our sheep's water buckets

Why the Business Membership Model?

An Opportunity for Innovation

Urban Crops started in Toronto’s backyards and community gardens before moving to the 65 acres of Cavaleiro Farm.

65 acres is a lot of backyards, so we needed an approach to managing Cavaleiro that was a little different. The solution? Why not just add more farmers? Introducing Cavaleiro Business Memberships…

It’s a win-win for everyone. A group of farmers could use the land at Cavaleiro Farm more intensely and effectively. Plus, more farmers using the same resources helps to bring down our costs.

As for farmers, renting land is possible in general, but that land doesn’t usually come with anything. At Cavaleiro Farm, we actually provide the services and support you need to run a local food business. We operate like an incubator, so you’re never alone on your land.

We’re proud of how our community has grown over the years, and look forward to inviting new members to share in learning together and supporting each other in our business ventures!

Ready To Apply For Your Membership?

Does the Business Membership sound right for you? Then now is the time to apply! Send us an email, telling us about:

• Your business and business goals

• What is important to you about food or farms

• Your previous experience working on a farm or outdoors

• Why you are interested in joining the Cavaleiro Farm members community

• The types of skills you can contribute to the community

• Anything else about yourself that we should know!

We look forward to hearing from you!