Cavaleiro Farm is a 65 acre agro-ecological farm located in Schomberg, Ontario, about an hour drive from downtown Toronto (map).

Our farm’s bright, open landscape is marked by rolling hills, open pastures and woodlots with mature oaks and maple trees over 100 years old. Various springs provide supply to two large ponds and solar exposure is excellent across the property.

A rich sandy loom soil runs throughout the farm, along with areas that have more clay and sand. The topographic conditions, along with varying water and soil conditions, create a range of diverse growing conditions.


Creative Services - 12 years
Insights & Strategy - 10 years
Media Research - 8 years
Marketing Data - 7 years


8 years ago I couldn’t have been farther from a farm. I was a jet set urbanite living in Toronto and building racecars before local food took me on this journey that connected me to food, culture, possibilities I couldn’t have imagined.

I’m privileged to have had the support, space and opportunity to run a 65 acre farm. My parents Dina & Jose invested in the farm in 2014 when we bought the farm off the Courtney family who had always managed an organic operation.

Today I am busy maestroing this dance between myself, the members of the farm, the animals, plants, soil and water. As of Feburary 2018, its great to see progress, systems, and less work while getting more food. Abundance! Care of people. Care of planet. Share

Antonio Gomes

Farmer/ Shepherd / Еntrepreneur / Urban Crops founder
crops, animals, medicines or fuel species
local food business

Our Grounding Principles & Practices

Cavaleiro Farm is grounded in principles of permaculture, popular education, food sovereignty, and the multi-farm Community-Supported Agriculture (CSA) model. What does this mean?

  • Permaculture: We work with nature instead of in opposition – We practice sustainable land management by minimizing farm inputs, using a wider range of species in polycultures, and farming with natural processes and cycles that consider: “What would nature do?”
  • Popular education: Members are encouraged to be both teachers and learners – This loving, inclusive form of education promotes learning through democratic, participatory processes. The goals are both personal and social transformation and awareness.
  • Food sovereignty: The power to make food decisions are put into the hands of many – We recognize that nations and people have the right to control their own food systems, including their own markets, production modes, food cultures and environments.
  • Multi-farm CSA model: We are a member-owned, democratically-controlled community – Our vision is to develop a collective of farmers who holistically manage and improve the farm through a range of farming approaches, methods, and crops.
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What we grow

At Cavaleiro Farm, we raise pigs, sheep and lambs both for meat and managing the land. We also breed ducks, chicken, and turkey for eggs and meat.

Our donkey Jay and Great Pyrenees dogs, Olive and Clyde, help to guard the sheep and provide us with endless antics and smiles. Two cats, Keeko and Spot, round out the farm animal family!

We grow a variety of vegetables, including kale, swiss chard, spinach, onion, garlic, beets, potatoes, jerusalem artichokes, and more. We also grow herbs and medicinal plants.

Check out our Shop to see which fresh, organic products we’re currently selling.

Our Farm Community

Cavaleiro Farm is more than just about food production and farming.

  • We are a community of members with diverse skills including building, growing, writing, education, community engagement, food entrepreneurship, and much more. What all of us have in common is caring for traditions of natural food systems and the profession of farming.
  • We are a research base for growing ideas that aim to have positive environmental, social and economic outcomes. Members may be in the initial stages of incubating a project with our support, or they may want access to the farm’s resources and community for their already-established business. Find out more about the different memberships available here.
  • We are a platform for sharing knowledge and experiences about farming, food and the environment. We do this through hosting workshops, other learning events, and presentation booths at conferences. We will also have online courses available in the future. Check out our upcoming learning events here.
  • We are a beautiful space for people to reconnect to nature and play. We host public events and provide overnight camping and fun farm day experiences. Find out how you can visit the farm here.

There are many ways you can get involved with us. We invite you to become part of the growing community at Cavaleiro Farm!

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