Who Are We?

Cavaleiro Farm is an agroecological farm in Schomberg, Ontario that provides interns and local food businesses with land, resources and mentorship to achieve their permaculture and green business goals.

We’re also a space where research and creation thrives. We learn how to connect technology with nature,┬ádesign local food systems, and develop online courses to share our knowledge. (Find out more at Urban Crops).

And we raise a number of animals on our land, and grow a variety of crops that keep our community healthy, happy, and fed year-round.


Why Members Join Our Community

We’ve built a community where interns and local food businesses receive practical training, get access to food you can’t buy at the store, and enjoy nature’s beauty all around them.


How to Get Involved

Do you love local food, farming and nature? Are you looking to live and work more sustainably? Explore the option that’s right for you to achieve your goals at Cavaleiro Farm. Both internships and business memberships include access to our land, members community, and so much more!


An on-the-farm internship to support your growing, building or other agroecological project. Interns get access to prime agricultural land, project mentorship, and many other benefits. Learn more here.

Business Membership

A membership option for those seeking the right space and resources to grow their local food business. Project planning, land, resources, equipment, and services are all available to support you. Learn more here.


Local Food Businesses using Cavaleiro

Use the services, tools and community of Cavaleiro farm to grow your local food business.


Restaurant in Liberty village. Maizal grows traditional corn, which it processes and cooks in a traditional way. They also convert food waste into compost and host some memorable farm to table events. Find out more about Maizal @Cavaleiro farm
Every week we divert more than this

Red Rooster

We don’t grow the chickens the restaurant uses, maybe one day. We do however divert cardboard and food waste from the 3 Red Rooster locations to make compost, feed animals and plant trees. Last year was our first year of growing some plants for the restaurant, lets see what 2018 brings us.


Don't take my word for it

Mr. Damjanoski

Mountain Farmer – Macedonia
‘ I like your compost in the spring, because the one from the store is useless. You buy cow, sheep compost, doesn’t matter, you open the bag and it all looks the same. Not much life in that. Your compost is real.’

Janice Ho

Enterprise Member
Since becoming a member at Cavaleiro Farm in July 2015, I have learned about new ways of relating to food, farming, and the environment. It’s also the first time that I’ve experienced so much freedom to express my ideas and creativity towards meaningful projects. Through the mentorship and opportunities provided at the farm, I have grown to become more self-reliant and confident than ever before! Cavaleiro Farm has become a true home for me, and the community here (including the animals!) are now my family. Thanks to everyone who has been a part of my journey. See you on the farm!
Fresh Farm eggs with two distinct egg whites

Miranda HO

Farm Friend
Eggs are my favorite food and today I had the best egg of my life on Cavaleiro Farm. I learned how to tell what a really fresh egg looks and tastes like.

Jacinto M.

Shepherd Guide
Sheep back home tasted better than what you find here. It’s because sheep back home had a varied diet with lots of plants. They are healthier and taste better. Do that here at Cavaleiro and you will have excellent quality lamb.


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